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Nourish and Thrive

Nourish your body, nourish your gut and nourish your mind!

Does life seem never-ending?

Housework, school runs, after school activities, a demanding career, yet another zoom meeting, social events, family obligations!!

Where does it all stop with no time to think about good eating, sleeping, and time to relax?!

Is getting from A to B, endless cups of coffee, comfort foods, late nights, and early mornings, which are taking their toll on your health and well-being?

When it comes to staying healthy on an over-packed schedule, the biggest obstacle is time or lack of it. This is when health and well-being drops to the bottom of our to do list!

So, how can you re-fuel your body, your gut, and your mind while spinning so many plates already? This webinar is for super busy women who want to look good, feel energised, and want to perform at their best. It will help you find simple ways to take control and begin to make choices that will nourish your body, gut, and mind without an extra burden.

But why even bother about these things you may ask!! When I work with clients these are the three main areas I work on. When we fuel our body with quick energy boosting foods we are affecting our blood sugar balance. Quick energy boosters give you the energy you crave but just for a short time. Plenty of glucose enters the body but the excess is dealth with by storing as fat in our body. This fat doesnt get release unless we are in famine state so just hangs on our midriffs. So not only does that lead to putting on weight it means our energy level rise and fall and we often feel tired and unfocused.

The other problem we have with these quick energy boosting foods is that we begin to starve the good bacteria in the gut. And starving this means they die off. We know that the good bacteria intervenes with our body in a number of ways. They provide nutrients that help reduce inflammation, and build hormones including serotonin known as our happy hormone. They also seem to communicate with the body helping to balance our metabolism and helping our brain to function. They protect the gut itself so reducing the chances of digestive issues like bloating, gas, discomfort, diarrhoea and constipation. The right nutrition is therefore valuable to our overall health.

But what about our mind!!! A busy mind is often a stressed mind and we need to also nourish that too, not just with food but we also need to give our heads a break. A break from the constant unfinished to do list. Let's face it for decades there has been the age old saying "a woman's work is never done". In our modern busy world this is always the case. We need to find ways and techniques to give it a rest, otherwise our body will grind us to a halt and you'll find yourself in a place where you have no choice but to give it a rest. Come along and find out just how you can give it a rest so that you then have more energy to do the things you do and more efficently.

Come join us and find tips and pointers to take you in the right direction and help to shake off that wired and tired feeling.

I’ll also be telling you about my monthly programme that can help you further and take a whole burden of meal planning off your schedule while helping you look after yourself, and feel great about who you are inside and out.

Marie Jarvis is a BANT Registered Nutritional Therapist and a Register Nutritionist ®. I have worked for over 8 years in Health and Wellbeing and helped 100s of people make better choices to improve their health, nutrition and wellbeing.

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