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Cook Your Way to Better Health

It's been a tough year and we are now emerging from one of the strangest times in modern history. It's left it's mark and many of us have lost the motivation to nourish our body with foods that encourage good health. Here are some things you may be struggling with just now.

· I can't stop my sugar/carb cravings.

· I have lost my energy and motivation.

· I want to lose excess weight that has crept on during lockdown.

· I want to bound into summer rather than crawl into it.

If you can relate to any of these, then my 5 weeks cook your way to better health might just be what you are looking for. Through cooking, support and accountability this programme can help you get your mojo back, reduce your cravings, or help you to take control of your expanding waistline. By adding nutrient dense foods to your diet, you will begin to lose the desire for sugar and all things carbs, leaving you feeling great about yourself.

Sugar and highly refined carbohydrate foods drains your energy levels and encourage fat storage in the body. Replacing sugar and carbs with delicious, tasty food that keeps you fuller for longer helps you to metabolise food better. As your metabolism improves you begin to feel more energised and more motivated which helps you feel more confident about who you are and how you look. When you have more energy and drop a pound or two, I guarantee you will feel much better about stepping into summer.

The aim of the programme is to help you make choices around food over a five week period to help you create great habits. Habits that will create lasting effects to help you get back your energy, stop accumulating weight, and get rid of those annoying food cravings that make you feel tired and unmotivated.

This programme is not for people who want to count calories, step on the weighing scales every day or want to follow boring fad diets that take over their life. It's for people who value who they are and want to use nutritious food to take back control of their mind and body to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

You will receive support, encouragement and accountability from a registered nutritionist to reach your goal. There will be lots of material around healthy eating to help you reduce sugar and carbs in your diet.

There is also a private Facebook Group for you to be with like-minded people who will help and support you along the way.

Here’s what included in the programme:

This is a 5 week programme that runs from Monday 17th May 2021. There will be weekly cooking/nutrition classes either on Zoom or in the Facebook Group. You will receive a weekly worksheets to keep you accountable and focused. There will also be meal planners/recipe books that you can use to help you along the way.

Week 1 - Breakfast

We will focus on all things breakfast. Helping you make great choice around what a good breakfast is for you.

Week 2 - Snacks

This week is all about snacking and treats. You will receive plenty of recipes that will show you how easy it is to make up quick delicious snacks and treats that are not full of sugar, sweeteners and addictive that sap you energy and mess up your body.

Week 3 – Lunch

Creating and cooking great lunches that are quick and easy will make a big difference to your day. We will look at easy lunches you can cook at home, grab and go lunches for work and choosing lunches on the go if you don't have the time to pack up a great tasty meal before leaving the house.

Week 4 – Dinner

We will create scrumptious dinner by doing a batch cooking session that will stock up your fridge/freezer to help you be better prepared for those times when cooking is just all too much and you are tempted to reach out for a takeaway.

Week 5 – Creating Great Rules Around Food

We will look at how to create rules around food so that you can break old habits and create new one. We will review how what we have already done is setting us up for success and how we can continue that road of success for great long-term health and happiness in our eating habits.

Price: Early Bird £99 / Full Price £129*

To sign up click the link below....

* Early Bird Price is available until Friday 7th May 2021

Marie Jarvis is a BANT Nutritional Therapist and a Registered Nutritionist ®. She is based in Glasgow and specialises in gut health and women's health. She is the founder of Tip Top Tums and was named as one of The Midult's top 15 Nutritionists in the UK.

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