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Nourish and Thrive 3-6-5™

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Nourish and Thrive 3-6-5 is here!

Life has been tough over the first half of 2020.  It's been a stressful time and for many difficult to manage.  For some it has taken it's toll and I am even finding that people who normally eat and exercise well have gone off track.  People have seen themselves putting on weight, feeling more tired, or their digestive system is behaving in ways that, well quite frankly, is embarrassing. Can you relate? Has this caused you to become anxious, lose your confident and feel unhappy with the body you are in? Scary isn't it?!! But don't worry there are so many women at the moment in the same boat.

What we don't need now is people telling us to sort ourselves out.  What we need is compassion, kindness, support and encouragement to help us re-evaluate and get back on track.

This is where my new programme comes in.  As a qualified nutritionist, I'm not about nutrition boot camp, shake yourself back into action or pull up the socks and get on with it.  I'm more about hey! lets get together, let me encourage you to take small steps, itsy, bitsy, tiny steps, if that is where you are at, to a better place.  Not one of calorie counting, self denial, lettuce eating, demotivating diet regime, but one of let's gently move back towards feeling good about ourselves, who we are, and where we are going.  Hey, let's nourish our body and so we can thrive, and be that person that you really want to be....  Confident, happy, encouraged and loving the body you are in.

And yes it is possible. Believe me I have been in that place. I have suffered with being overweight, embarrassing digestive issues, fatigued, hormones imbalanced, and to boot low immune system. That's why I want to help. After qualifying as a Nutritional Therapist I have not only helped myself back to great health, energy and vitality, I have helped many women* in the same boat back there too.


Then, let me tell you a little about how I want to help.

The Nourish and Thrive 3-6-5 monthly programme will help you get to know you and your body, help you set realistic and attainable health goal, it will help you to choose nutritious, tasty food over addictive foods, that sap your energy, affect your moods, and end up on your hips. It will help you to become the best version of yourself in your health and well-being and you will be able to celebrate the unique, beautiful, and special person that you are.

🌼You will learn stress-busting techniques that will help you stay in control, so you can make great choices that lead to having energy, vitality and spark.

🌼We look at ways of balancing your hormones, supporting your gut health (essential for health and happiness), supporting your immune system, and managing special times like Christmas. We will hear from experts in sleep, movement, fermentation, and much more. What does the Nourish and Thrive 3-6-5 programme involve? - Weekly Accountability - Support group so you don't feel alone but have other wonderful ladies, like yourself spurring you on - Simple weekly tasks to help you find your way, set your goals, and stay on track - Downloadable meal planner, with shopping list and recipes - Other downloadable resources to help you stay on track and keep you motivated - Online cookery demonstrations/lessons  - A monthly masterclass from a guest speaker who is an expert in their field.   - And me to support and encourage you on a daily basis if and when needed.

All of this for just a mere £29 per month.   If you are interested in my monthly plan then you can sign up onto the waiting list (no payment until September).  Signing onto the waiting list will give up direct links to the free events I am putting on over the next month, so that you get a feel for some of the things we will do on the programme.  This includes: - Cookery Class on Hormone Balancing Foods  - A free downloadable Vegetarian Recipe Book - A free masterclass - guest speaker to be announced soon

- A free downloadable 7 day programme to help you balance your hormones through good nutrition

To subscribe to the waiting list, please click the button below.

Nourish and Thrive 3-6-5 Waiting List Best Wishes, Marie Jarvis,

BANT Registered Nutritionist,


*Sarra – I now have the knowledge to help make better meals. Especially food that is good for us. IBS is related to stress, so not usually hungry, however using the vegetables with chicken made a difference to my tummy.

I now eat more vegetable and know how to cook them.

*Janice – love the gut health course. I especially loved the soup recipes and so did my sons and sister. You have transformed the way I eat.

*Jackie - Just wanted to say a personal thank you for the great grub course you provided. I thoroughly enjoyed it and as a result I haven't had many typical pregnancy symptoms, if in fact any. I definitely eat lots more vegetables between 10-14 a day which is nowhere near what I did before. I have so much more energy this pregnancy. I’ve slowly been introducing more vegetarian dishes to my own family and its going down well. I use your recipes almost every day. My favourites at the moment are the energy balls, granola and chilli yoghurt mushroom.

Marie Jarvis is a Nutritional Therapist and Nutritionist, who works on a 1-2-1 basis helping people to re-balance their body meaning they regain their health and can start to live the life they want to live without the anxiety of poor health weighing them down. She also works for organisations like the NHS, Urban Roots, Children 1st, Barnardo's, and a number of corporate organisations delivering cooking and nutrition programmes.

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