8 Top Nutrition Tips For a Healthier Summer

Summer is a time for relaxing and enjoying being out and about. It’s also holiday time, yahoo, and even in today’s strange world of a pandemic and loss of freedom we want to get out of town, let our hair down and relax.

Many people are opting for breaks in the UK rather than hassle of going abroad with all its extra precautions and testing. Often these times mean abandoning our usual eating habits and indulging in feasts of ice-cream, chocolate, fish and chips and mega size pizzas. Slurping on cocktails and pints or refreshing cold lager. Yep, we’ve all been there, got the t-shirt and most definitely the photographs to prove it! But then before long we are back home, back at work, and the waistline has somewhat thickened. Now, how on earth did that happen?!! We can’t face going on yet another diet, so put it off for a week, or two, or six. With the summer long gone and winter approaching we feel that it’s a up road struggle which we can’t face. Good news, is it doesn’t have to be like this. Nope, and here are my 8 top tips to enjoy your summer and not spend the rest of the year regretting it.

#1 – Make your own frozen sweet treats.

Making your own tasty and healthy treats will not only give you the nutrients that you need but will also reduce the amount of harmful sugars, sweeteners and artificial additives which can mess with the body’s metabolism.

· Try blending frozen fruit with coconut milk for a lovely creamy ice-cream,