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8 Top Nutrition Tips For a Healthier Summer

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Summer is a time for relaxing and enjoying being out and about. It’s also holiday time, yahoo, and even in today’s strange world of a pandemic and loss of freedom we want to get out of town, let our hair down and relax.

Many people are opting for breaks in the UK rather than hassle of going abroad with all its extra precautions and testing. Often these times mean abandoning our usual eating habits and indulging in feasts of ice-cream, chocolate, fish and chips and mega size pizzas. Slurping on cocktails and pints or refreshing cold lager. Yep, we’ve all been there, got the t-shirt and most definitely the photographs to prove it! But then before long we are back home, back at work, and the waistline has somewhat thickened. Now, how on earth did that happen?!! We can’t face going on yet another diet, so put it off for a week, or two, or six. With the summer long gone and winter approaching we feel that it’s a up road struggle which we can’t face. Good news, is it doesn’t have to be like this. Nope, and here are my 8 top tips to enjoy your summer and not spend the rest of the year regretting it.

#1 – Make your own frozen sweet treats.

Making your own tasty and healthy treats will not only give you the nutrients that you need but will also reduce the amount of harmful sugars, sweeteners and artificial additives which can mess with the body’s metabolism.

· Try blending frozen fruit with coconut milk for a lovely creamy ice-cream,

· or blending yoghurt and fruit and pouring into ice-lolly moulds and freezing for those warmer day. Add a little melted dark chocolate first and let set before adding in the fruit.

#2 – Drink plenty of fluid.

Dehydration can cause the same hunger feelings as actually being hungry. In the summer with the warmer weather, we can lose more body fluid through the skin. Ensure you have plenty to drink between meals without alcohol. Alcohol has sugars that easily convert to fat in the body. If you fancy a wee tipple dilute down with plenty of sparkly water, so you get the taste, and the drink lasts longer.

· Try adding fruit, vegetables or herbs to water or sparkling water for a more refreshing taste.

· Cucumber and mint are both quenching and refreshing.

· Lemon and limes give a tangy, citrus flavour.

· Berries give a light, fresh flavour and if you are really hungry eat the contents lol!!

#3 – Buy lots of delicious fruit.

Fruit is abundant this time of year so having a piece of fruit handy in your bag when you are out an about and if you feel peckish then munch on the fruit before indulging on the candy floss 😊! Berries are particularly great at this time of year.

· Try berries with ice-cream instead of chocolate brownies.

· Mix berries with nuts for a protein boosting treat.

· Peaches, nectarines, and melon all make a great alternative to dessert.

#4 – Meal Prep.

If you are staying at home or going on a self-catering holiday. Prep some meals. Or at the very least write out a meal planner, shop for the ingredients and have everything ready for the week ahead. That way you won’t have to think about what’s for dinner you simply need to pop your head in the fridge (a great way to cool down after a hot day in the sun), and pull out the ingredients. Often, it’s not the cooking the meal that’s the problem, it’s the thinking on what to do and working out if you have the ingredients that causing you to pick up the phone and ring the local Chinese takeaway.

#5 – Keep it simple.

Simple meals help to take the pressure off cooking. Here are some ideas.

· Grilled fish with herbs or spices, baby potatoes and asparagus.

· Feta cheese tossed with baby leaves, cherry tomatoes and cucumber and served with a crusty wholemeal roll.

· Grilled chicken breast with quinoa cooked with a stock cube, sweetcorn, chopped red pepper and red onion.

#6 – Pack a healthy picnic.

Loading up on shop bought happy meals when out with create a lot more bulk around the waistline than packing a bag with a healthy tasty picnic. Fill the bag with a items such as…

· tasty prawn salad,

· wholemeal wraps filled with hummus and salad,

· pieces of home cooked chicken,

· homemade potato salad and/or coleslaw,

· veggie dips,

· and fruit kebabs.

#7 - Enjoy your food and don’t deny yourself treats.

Denying yourself will only lead to more intense cravings, so simply enjoy a treat now and again.

No matter what you eat, take time to savour it. Whether it’s a stick of Blackpool rock or a Long Island Iced Tea; a Knickerbocker Glory or an 8oz steak and chips, chew every mouthful, experience the taste and texture and simply enjoy. The more slowly you eat and the more thoroughly you chew your food, the fuller you’ll feel. The fuller you feel the less you will eat. The more relaxed you are the better your digestive system will work. And this all amounts to less of the adrenal stress weight piling on.

#8 – If all else fails….

Lock yourself in a room… no don’t!!!!

Simply enjoy what you are eating, chew well and don't get guilted out. I can always help you out. All you need to do is sign up for a free 30 minute reset your health chat. Use the link below to book.

Enjoy your summer.

Marie x

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