Boost Your Immune System Part 1 – Introduction

Updated: Sep 24, 2020


In today's climate with a major pandemic we have a need to boost our immune system. This doesn't mean we wont get coronavirus but it could mean the difference between getting really sick or having milder symptoms. Nutrition is a big part of this as well as good sleep, reducing stress and keeping active.

As a Nutritionist I spend time researching and understanding from the latest scientific evidence what will really help our immune systems. I will be sharing a lot about this in my new programme Nourish and Thrive 3-6-5. This programme will begin in September 2020 and will help you get ready for the fight against the winter onslaught of viruses as well as help balance hormones and strengthen gut health. It is only for ladies at this stage as we will be focusing on female hormones during the programmer. Details to released soon.

Best Wishes,

Marie Jarvis, Nutritional Therapist / Nutritionist, BANT

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