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Happy Healthy Hormones

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Our modern stressful lives can have a real impact on our hormones.  We have lots of different hormones.  They are simply little chemical messengers that connect to cells in our body to tell them what to do and how to react.  For example, insulin is released when we have glucose in our blood stream.  The insulin connects to cells to open them up to receive the glucose which the cell can use to produce energy.

We have hormones that regulate our monthly cycle, keep us happy, regulates stress, tells us when we are full, balances our metabolism, helps us to reproduce.  In fact the list is endless.  When our hormones are not working properly, our body becomes imbalanced and we begin to dysfunction.  It can affect our monthly cycles, leave us with sugar or carb cravings, lessen our ability to deal with stress and many other things.  We are left deflated, fatigued and drained.

Understanding how your hormones work, how they can be rebalanced and what you need to do to get your spark, energy and vitality back is what myself and Kay Young, mindfulness teacher can help you to do.

Come join us on Wednesday 29th May 2019, 6pm, at the Virgin Money Lounge, in Glasgow.  Click the link below to find out more about this exciting workshop and to reserve your ticket.

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