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Breakfast Cereal

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Is cereal really that good for you?

Do your children eat cereal for breakfast?  Even though some are targeted as wholegrain, they are so refined that they are nothing more than sugar once digested by our bodies.

This article explains more fully the dangers of feeding our children so-called healthy cereal:

My advice is to think, nourish the body. Good nutrition is what makes our body and our children's body thrive. It supports our immune system and helps us to fight off infection. With the recent Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic we need all the fight we can get. During lockdown I set up a support group and learnt that people need support, encouragement and accountability to nourish their bodies. A body that's nourished leads to a life that thrives. As a result I set up a new programme called Nourish and Thrive 3-6-5. That means you get support from a Nutritionist all year round. This isn't a gimmicky programme or boot camp style programme. It is one where you will get expert advice and support from not only myself as a Nutritionist but from other women experts in their field, also meal planners with shopping lists and recipes to make it oh so simple for you.

Click here for further details of my Nourish and Thrive 3-6-5 programme

Marie Jarvis, Nutritional Therapist, BANT

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